Vinilija @ Radio Marš: 3.11.2013 Igor Nazaruk Quartet, Jože Privšek

1. Igor Nazaruk Quartet - Statement (Melodia 1978)
From Olympic Village 1976


A1 On the quay (M. Kazhlaev, arr. Nazaruk II)
A2 N. and A. (I. Nazaruk)
A3 It will stay with us. Arrangement on Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh, "The keys, brushes, string theory" (I. Nazaruk)

B1 Clash (W. Montgomery, arr. Kuznetsova)
B2 Alfie (B. Bakkarak)
B3 Statement (J. Feliciano, arr. Nazaruk II)

Igor Nazaruk - piano, elektrorgan
Alex Kuznetsov - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Alex Isplatovsky - double bass, bass guitar
Andrei Chernyshev - drums, bongos

2. RTV Big Band Ljubljana - Jože Privšek - Sprehod Po Galeriji (1975)


Sprehod Po Galeriji (A stroll through the Gallery - 1975) is an impressive composition by Jože Privšek, actually a suite in three partitions with a coda of different styles and moods - as though one was surrounded by a variety of paintings in an Art Gallery. The composer who permanently works with the band as arranger and conductor knew to give way to the outstandind soloists. The introductory rhapsodical part is played by SIlvo Stingl on electric piano accompanied by Lado Rebrek on bass. The ensuing theme is a moderate jazz rock bit with the improvisations by Tone Janša on saxophone and Petar Ugrin on trumpet. The third bluesy theme features the clarinet of Ati Soss. Starting in pianissimo it gradually builds up in dynamicity and expresssion until the brass section comes in strongly with a gospel theme in new tonality. This part features drums solo by Ratko Divjak. The composition is concluded by the tenor saxophone that fades away.
Text by Igor Andrejčič

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