The Photo Song #7 - Facing the locality

Remi Kabaka - The Quest (1978)

The soundtrack from Ola Balogun's film: A Deusa Negra An Afro-Brazilian film
Written and directed by Ola Balogun


Daz' Rene - Change (1974)

Klaus Krüger - In the meantime (1981)

The Beaters - Harari (1975)

...Africa's most incredible combination of Selby Ntuli, Sipho Mabuse and Alec Khaoli still remains a big question to some people who have seen them live. The group is very popular and loved by the people of Africa. Their creativity and originality had the audience in Rhodesia astounded. They toured Rhodesia last year for three months although they only intended being there for three weeks. They appeared live on T.V. The Beaters have composed a song 'HARARI' dedicated to the people of that town...


Omar-S - Ah' revolution (poli grip for partials nik mix) (2016)

Mocky - Exception to the rule (2016)

from The Moxtape Vol. III, released April 22, 2016
Drums, bass, percussion, guitar and vocals by Mocky. Backing vocals by Moses Sumney. Fender Rhodes by Joey Dosik. Trombone by Jordan Katz. Strings by Molly Rogers. Casio and percussion by P. Morris. Percussion by Lucky Paul.

Written by Dominic "Mocky" Salole.