Berlin Express - The 4:08 To Paris

Berlin Express is the one-time collaboration between Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream), Conrad Schnitzler (Kluster, Tangerine Dream) and his son Gregor Schnitzler.


Vinilija @ Radio Marš, 2.12.2012: Duke Ellington & Leroy Anderson

A1 Mood Indigo
A2 Solitude
A3 Sophisticated Lady
A4 I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
A5 Prelude to a Kiss
A6 In a Sentimental Mood
A7 Caravan

B1 Fiddle-Faddle
B2 Serenate
B3 Sieigh Ride
B4 Jazz Pizzicato
B5 Blue Tango
B6 Die Ballschone


Vinilija @ Radio Marš 7.10.2012: Group Rhoda - Out of Time- Out of Touch


Group Rhoda - Out of Time, Out of Touch (Nightschool records 2012)

A1 Virtual dancer
A2 Silence 
A3 Hi rise 
A4 Work

B1 At the dark 
B2 Nightlight 
B3 Last house 
B4 Fire

Group Rhoda is a solo project from San Francisco. It is an attempt at dealing with opposition, sharpening intuition, following instincts and turning ideas into actions. It exists under the influence of repetition, bad habits, fear, machines of decades past, the tropics, transient sounds, hazy recollections, light, color, the desolate worlds around me and the spaces that are quieted from social noise. It is an effort to negate the sound of safety, control, wastefulness, weak mirroring, transparent shadowing and follow a path reflective of my own fabricated inner environment and imagination.

www.grouprhoda.com + Interview Mara Barenbaum


Vinilija @ Radio Marš 30.9.2012: 17 Macedonian Folk Dances

Exciting rhythm of Macedonia played on traditional instruments
by the "Macedonian Early Music Band" of the "Živko Firfov" folkdance group
musical notation & dance instructions included

A1 Sandansko oro
A2 Baba Georgia
A3 Paedushka
A4 Tropnalo oro
A5 Doktore glavata me bolie
A6 Potrchulka
A7 Osogovsko
A8 Skudrinka

B1 Malashevska
B2 Maesko
B3 Kukunesh (Sitnoto)
B4 Yanino
B5 Sadila mome
B6 Paedushka
B7 Rada pere
B8 Klanyarka
B9 Kumanovsko

Macedonia, a country little heard of since Alexander the Great, is now becoming famous again by its unique folklore.

Side A & B features the exciting Macedonian bagpipe, solo & combination with Kaval (shepard's flute), Tamburas (long-necked lutes), Grneta (Clarinet), Tarabuka and Tapan (drums)... all original folk instruments.

This Band's exciting music surprised & delighted the people of Macedonia. They were much acclaimed at the Macedonian Ethnic Festival, towns & villages for their lively playing while reamining true to tradition, in August 1978.

The Band also played & danced in the "Živko Firfov" folkdance group all over England and Macedonia.

Before disbanding, due to emigration of vital musicians (2 forming, with 2 legendary Macedonians, the fantastic Orkestar Groupa "Pečhalbari") the Band recorded a fraction of their music on tape in November 1978, from which this wonderful & exhilarating LP record was made.

Notes by C. Gunstone


Talking about jazz...

History of Spiritual Jazz 1955 - 2012 (A 12 hour mix from Black Classical via The Jazz Meet)

Roy Campbell/Joe McPhee: Music Is The Healing Force
Fred Stone: Theme From Laurence Of Arabia
Fred Stone: Elissa
Bob Thiele: Lament For John Coltrane
Bob Thiele: Love Supreme
Dwight Trible: In The Beginning God
Massimo Urbani: Quartet Dedication To Albert Ayler
Elvin Jones: Love Supreme
Massimo Urbani Quartet: Dedication To John Coltrane
Family Of Percussion: Circulus Aquae
Sunday Palaver: Last March
Blackclassical Remixes Sarah Webster Fabio
1. My Own Thing
2. Echo Of Rain
3. Crossfire
4. I Would Be For You Rain
Cheikh Tidiane Fall: African Spiritual Soldier
Cheikh Tidiane Fall: African Ancestrial Piece
Sarah Webster Fabio: Turn From Love
Sun Ra: Antique Blacks
Soloman Iria: Prayer
David S Ware: Theme From The Stargazers
Karmu Daahoud: Deep River In Her Voice
Kahn Jamal: Drum Dance To The Motherloade
Mor Thaim: Return Of The Fisher King
Pyramids: Anomawa
Pyramids: Birth Speed And Merging
Pyramids: Lalibela Suite
Pyramids: Speed
Pyramids: King Of Kings
Pyramids: Indigo
Pyramids: Ya Ke Ya Ke
Pyramids: Land Of The Eternal Nile
Herbie Hancock / Don Cherry / Mtume Kawaida
Pyramids: Queen Of Spirits
Brother Ah Sweet Illumination
Jj Clayton: Fragments
Jef Gilson: Malagasy
Sam Rivers: Topaz
Edward Vesala: Call Of The Sea
Oracy: The Weight Don’t Make Things No Lighter
Warren Smith: Echora
Richard Abrahams: Degrees And Levels Of Light
Sun Ra: Mayan Temples
Amir Bakra: I Love Music
Amir Bakra: Black Mass Excerpt
Don Rendell: Space Walk
Warren Smith: Ann Of Nizgh
Infinate Sound: Spain
Infinate Sound: Ocean
Babatunde Lee: Lion’s Walk
Infinate Sound: Ocean (Reprise)
Griot Galaxy: Necrophillia
Griot Galaxy: After The Dream
Griot Galaxy: Dragons
Dizzy Reece: Nirvana
Dizzy Reece: Possession
Dizzy Reece: Crisis
Carlos Garnett: Black Nile
Carlos Garnett: Dawid
Griot Galaxy: Khamti Noblia
Two Banks Of Four: One Day
Cheikh Tidiane Fall: Few Maka Black Snow
Terumassa Hino / Mal Waldrom: Reminiscence Suite
Build An Ark: Nature
Roy Brooks And The Artistic Truth: Black Survival
Edward Vesala: Wind
Milton Marsh: Everlasting
Organic Music Society: Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn
Muhal Richard Abrams: How Are You?
Don Cherry: Relativity Suite Part 1
Organic Music Society: Manuscha Raga Kamboji
John Coltrane: Welcome
John Coltrane: Om
Karmu Daåhoud: Poem For Our Majestic Ancestors
Les Oubliés De Jazz Ensemble: Nigger/Ur/Ah Musician
Nobuo Hara: Sharps And Flats-Sohran Bushi
Babs Robert & Love Planet: Extra Pol Action (Ice Cream ’70)
Charles Tolliver’s Music Inc: Ruthie’s Heart
Dinamitri Jazz Folklore: Kongo Bells
Amiri Baraka: There Really Was An Africa Poem
Masahiko Togashi: The Beginning
John Coltrane: Dearly Beloved
Dave Lee Jr: Spirit Voices
Eddie Gale: It Must Be You
Bruce Johnson: Rainstorm/Calm/Peace
Donald Alexander Strachan And The Freedom Ensemble: Song For Searching
Cozzi Anatz: Hortus
Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble: Black Beauty
Azar Lawrence: The Beautiful And Omnipresence Of Love
Sun Ra: When There Is No Sun (Horo)
Roland Kirk: Spirits Up Above
Doug Hammond: Dat’n
Imamu Amiri Baraka: Chant
Pharoah Sanders: Red, Black & Green
Alice Coltrane: Universal Consciousness
Ornette Coleman: Trouble In The East Pt 1
Pharoah Sanders: Creator Has A Master Plan
Ornette Coleman: Trouble In The East
Don Moye: Black Paradlisia
Michael White: Preytude
Marion Brown: Karintha (Poem From Cane)
Black Artist’s Group: Sweet Street Song
Alice Coltrane: Galaxy Around Satchidananda
Sun Ra: When There Is No Sun (Live)
Emil Richards: Journey To Bliss Part 3
Alice Coltrane: A Love Supreme
Albert Ayler: Change Has Come
Marion Brown: Karintha Part 2
Pharoah Sanders: To John
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme, Pt. 1 Acknowledgment
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme, Pt. 4 Psalm
Roach Om: A Poem For Lost Souls
John Tchichai: Afrodisiaca
Last Poets: Invocation
Pheeroan Ak Laff: Michelle Del
Marion Brown: Flute Song
Lightmen: Free As You Wanna Be
Joe Mcphee: Scorpio’s Dance
Hannibal: Sunrise Forest
Hamiet Bluiett: Ayana Nneke
Sonny Murray: Suns Of Africa Pt Ii
Khan Jamal: Pure Energy
William Norwood: Look At Teyonda
Eddie Gale: The Coming Of Gwilu
Eddie Gale: Song Of Will
Eddie Gale: Understanding
Eddie Gale: Fulton Street
Eddie Gale: Walk With Thee
Eddie Gale: The Gleeker
Eddie Gale: Look At Teyonda
Eddie Gale: The Rain
Piano Choir: Almoravids
Jayne Cortez: I Am New York City
Oneness Of Ju-Ju: Introduction
Gill Scott Heron: Peace Go With You Brother
George Russell: Events Iv
Earth Wind And Fire: Energy
Muriel Winston: Song For Daddy
Build An Ark: Key To The Universe
Cheikh Tidiane Fall Few Maka: Diom Futa
Akira Miyazawa: Bull Trout
Brother Ah Sound Awareness: Beyond Yourself
Heath Brothers: Smilin’ Billy Suite
Heath Brothers: Maimouna
Sarah Webster Fabio: I Would Be For You Rain
Cecil Mcbee: A Feeling
Cecil Mcbee: Voice Of The 7Th Angel
Clifford Jordan: 872
Ensemble Al-Salaam: Music Is Nothing But A Prayer
Ensemble Al-Salaam: The Sojourner
John Betsch: Ra
George Russell: Part Ii Events
Stanley Cowell: Lullabye
Pharaoh Sanders: Prince Of Peace
Brother Ah: Love Piece
The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe: Attica
Shamek Farrah/Sonelius Smith: The World Of Children
The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe: Two Songs For A Boy Named Mark
Haki R. Madhubuti Medasi: Pyramids To Projects
Letta Mbulu: Sunrise
Southern Freedom Arkestra: Love Is Where The Spirit Lies
Don Cherry: Malukans
Watts Prophets: My People I’ll Stop Callin You Nigger
Don Cherry: Daisy Mckee
Don Cherry & Eternal Orchestra: Penderecki Actions
Stanley Crouch: Ain’t No Ambulances For No Nigguhs Tonight
Don Ellis: Mirror Pond Of Stars
Lester Bowie: Amina
Marc Levin: Twilight Dance
Nathan Davis: Poem For Martin Luther King
Dave Lee Jr: The Freedom Bells
Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio: Imhotep
Barma Village Poet: Blackman My Brother
Mombassa: Kenia
Mombassa: Holz
Barma Village Poet: Social Narcotics
Art Blakey: Elephant Walk
Horace Silver: Message From Kenya
M’boom! Re-Percussion
Mike Knock: Underground
Coalition: Kenya’s Horizon
Hannibal: Revelation
Airto: Encontro No Bar
Art Ensemble Of Chicago: Certain Blacks


Vinilija @ Radio Marš: Tamikrest - Toumastin

by Andy Morgan
Cry beloved Sahara! The Sahara desert is in turmoil. Those old unshakeable scourges of under-development, corruption, marginalisation, drought, desertification and unemployment have been reinforced and even over-shadowed by the intertwinining furies of islamic terrorism, rampant mineral exploitation, drug smuggling and people trafficking. As a result, to coin one of Hunter S. Thompson's phrases, the Sahara has undergone a 'hardening of the arteries'. The Touareg, or Kel Tamashek, as they prefer call to themselves, seem less in command of their own territory and destiny than at any time since the arrival of the French army in the late 19th century. Terrorism has closed the desert's doors to outsiders. Tourism, once one of the most important conduits for enterprise and employment in the region, has collapsed. Floods, droughts and conflict have killed people and livestock. Unemployment is the norm rather than the exception. The future looks bleak, sometimes even hopeless.

But hopelessness is a luxury, which the Touareg know they cannot afford. When it comes to your family, your friends, your community, your camp, your village and your beloved homeland, you cannot give up hope. So life persists in the desert, tenacious in its grip on the dusty soil and relentless in its desire for freedom, self-government, development, peace and stability. Why is Assouf... longing, homesickness...one of the words you'll hear most often in the lyrics of Tamirest and most other modern Tamashek 'guitar' bands? Why this indestructible longing for such a seemingly arid, harsh and frobidding landscape? Because this desert is home, and because when there's peace and stability, it's one of the easiest places in the world to feel free. The Touareg know that only too well.

Tamikrest are a yound band but their songs are old. I don't mean that they were written long ago. No, all these songs are freshly composed, each with its eloquent and powerful message or sentiment. I mean that the struggle of the Touareg itself is old and Tamikrest's songs are but the latest expression of that struggle. But struggle is not all they express. There's love there too: love of a woman, love of a village, love of a culture and love of nature. Love is the oldest theme of all, and it keeps hope alive. Tamikrest are here to confront, once more, the question that should never be without a clear and unifying answer: „What are we fighting for?“ The answer is in every note and word of these ten songs: for this earth, these endless horizons, this freedom, this love. For this people, my people... Toumastin.

By Ousmane Ag Mossa

To the Touareg youth:
We must all recognize that we belong to a community and a culture, and that this culture is our strength in the eyes of others.

The Touareg youth must pay attention to their homeland 'Azawad' and to the towns, villages and camps in which the real Touareg live. The development of this territory and these settlements is a personal and collective duty for all of us. No one will work for the preservation of our land if we do not do it ourselves. As proof, you only need to consider the fifty years during which these nation states have been harbouring us, and then take a look at the conditions in which we live and the state of abandon in which our people and our lands find themselves today. It's a situation that can only rend any heart that lover our people in two.

We all have a duty to our people. That duty is to preserve our culture and our identity, to ceaselessly demand our basic rights at both a regional and international level, and to emphasize our right to self-determination, without which it will be difficult for us to deal with all problems that we face.

To the world:
The international community must not turn a deaf ear to the possible disappearance of people like ours, the Touareg, which would be an immense loss to all humanity. The world today sees the suffering of the Touareg, but few are the voices that speak out, or the ears that listen to our people who burn inside with the suffering of entire generations for more than half a century, thanks to the Balkanisation of their lands by nation states that they do not recognize, states which persue a policy of discrimination against our people with the aim of wiping them out. The living conditions of people in the Sahara, who are poorer than ever, bears witness to this.

The world must listen to the Touareg heart and help them to realise their vision, which is none other than the following: The Touareg demand that the injustice of which they are all victims ceases forthwith, that what is ours by right be restored to us, that's to say, our lands and the power to determine our own destiny. The Touareg want to live in freedom in their homeland and end of this form of colonisation, which has prevailed since fifty years, in other words, for far too long.

OUSMANE AG MOSSA – vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar
AGHALY AG MOHAMEDINE – djembe, percussion, backing vocals
MOSSA AG BORREIBA – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
CHEICK AG TIGLIA – bass, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
BASSA WALLET ABDAMOU – backing vocals
WANNOU WALLET SIDATY – backing vocals
IBRAHIM AG AHMED SALAM – drums, calabash
MAHMOUD AG AHMOUDEN – vocals & guitar on #8 & #10

Additional musicians:
Fatma Wallet Cheick: voice on #3, #5, #6, #7, #9; backing vocals #10
Mossa Ag Ahmed: electric guitar #9
Blaž Celarec: percussion on #4, #9 & #11
Chris Cacavas: keyboard on #11
Rok Stirn: trombone on #4
Matjaž Sekne: viola on #11
Chris Eckman: organ on #6 & #7

A1 TIZARAT improvisation instrumentale

Her innocent love is the wish
My heart has been seeking forever to fulfill
The earth is turning and i cross it like an illusion
Hoping to preserve my love for a long time
So that it's not just a passing story.
Take care of our love, the treasure of my soul,
Since yours has become like a plant
That nourishes my heart.

„From this world, to whom I owe my existence,
My days will reach their end“
I'm just a passanger of life
Which, as it come, will also take its leave
My soul and heart know it, and I also believe
That I was not created to be eternal
My life is made of illusions,
In which my sadness overwhelms my joy
My heart never ceases to express
The evil i have known, which my people have lived.

We, sons of desert
Who live in drought
This empty space
Where thirst and wind hold sway
Bare of shade and water
But full of liberty
It's the country of antelopes
And nature's beatiful beasts

Where are you my brothers?
Let us demand our dreams, all of us, in good faith
So that we can reach our goal.
Brothers, why do you wait and why all this patience
With all the problems that never cease to accumulate.
We see our sisters who have endured misery
Never losing hope despite their oppression.
Our lands are divided,
Other countries been founded on them
With their well traced frontiers
My people are divided, marginalised,
And become like strangers in their own land
Knowing that they are dispossed and without any authority.

All things must pass
And something else will take its place
Nothing in life is eternal
Its joy often follows its pain
And life will give its all to he who knows himself!
So whatever you have experienced, stay vigilant
Do not trust it. Expect further tribulations.
I've attempted so much
And thought of doing so much more
Just to make the dream of my soul come true,
But the again, well I know
That nothing is done
Unless it is the will of God.

B1 ADDEKTEGH - improvisation instrumentale

To you my love, I say:
When i remember you i'm happy
To you my love, I say:
It reminds me of days gone by
To you my love, I say:
When my heart had no other worries
To you my love, I say:
My dream is you
To you my love, I say:
My essence is you
To you my love, I say:
My heart is yours
To you my love, I say:
You are the mistress of my thoughts

Tinza is my home
My fatherland, which I inhabit and so admire
I grew up there, and there I learned how to love
I left my memories of childhood there too
Those unforgettable memories, shared with my brothers
From my village which I knew so well, and loved.

The truth we know it well
And we know you know it too
When you rise up
Only to split up
It's the enemy you're encouraging.
You love freedom
You chant for it in your sleep
But the enemy thinks of you
Like the trough in which he quenches his thirst
There are old men who have waited, patiently since birth
For you to build a unified country
We have suffered too much; it's our dishonour
If you don't strive towards a clear objective.

Whe the stars fall
I listen to the beautiful melody of the wind
It's the time when, all alone, I engage with my thoughts
I sit longingly, and see nothing
But the traces of memories.
My heart speaks to me about some dream
And much besides, much that gives me pain.
The world seems tight and narrow
When my soul sister is not here with me.


Electric Elephant II

Electric Elephant 2012

As we are used to it now... amazing days in parallel universe called Electric Elephant. Thank you all and see you next year!

Jaye P. Morgan - Let's Get Together

Christy Essien-Igbokwe - Take Life Easy