Vinilija @ Radio Marš 7.10.2012: Group Rhoda - Out of Time- Out of Touch


Group Rhoda - Out of Time, Out of Touch (Nightschool records 2012)

A1 Virtual dancer
A2 Silence 
A3 Hi rise 
A4 Work

B1 At the dark 
B2 Nightlight 
B3 Last house 
B4 Fire

Group Rhoda is a solo project from San Francisco. It is an attempt at dealing with opposition, sharpening intuition, following instincts and turning ideas into actions. It exists under the influence of repetition, bad habits, fear, machines of decades past, the tropics, transient sounds, hazy recollections, light, color, the desolate worlds around me and the spaces that are quieted from social noise. It is an effort to negate the sound of safety, control, wastefulness, weak mirroring, transparent shadowing and follow a path reflective of my own fabricated inner environment and imagination.

www.grouprhoda.com + Interview Mara Barenbaum