Vinilija @ Radio MARŠ 22.6.2014: Joan Bibiloni - El Sur (Music from memory 2014)

1. Leon Lowman - Bumpin' on sunset (Music from memory 2013)

2. Joan Bibiloni - El Sur (Music from memory 2014):
a1 The Boogie
a2 El Cumpleanos Se Jaimito
a3 Valerie
a4 Sobrevivir
a5 El Salto Del Martin
a6 Val I Vuw Ya
b1 Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila II
b2 Migas
b3 Sa Fosca
b4 La Espanola

All tracks written, performed and produced by Joan Bibiloni. Except for ‘The Boogie’ which was written by D. Carter and C. Mendoza.

A1, A3 From the album ‘Papi, Are You O.K.?’ (1986)
A2, B1 From the album ‘Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila’ (1984)
A4, A5 + B2 From the album ‘Silencio Roto’ (1987)
A6 From the album ‘For A Future Smile’ (1988)
B3 From the album ‘Born’ (1989)
B4 From the album ‘Viaje En El Tiempo’ (1991)

‘El Sur’ is compiled by Abel Nagengast, Tako Reyenga and Jamie Tiller

Mastered by Brandenburg Mastering
Design by Commission Studio
Cover photograph by King Of Gold



Vinilija @ Radio MARŠ: Tom Scott - Rural Still Life

1. Puzzle - N.Y.C.(Motown 1974)
2. Tom Scott - Rural still life (Impulse! 1968)
A1 Rural Still Life # 26
A2 Song # 1
A3 Freak In
B1 With Respect To John Coltrane
B2 Just Messin' Around
B3 Body And Soul
3. Puzzle - State of mind (Motown 1974)
4. Puzzle - Haiku (Motown 1974)