Vinilija @ Radio Marš 30.9.2012: 17 Macedonian Folk Dances

Exciting rhythm of Macedonia played on traditional instruments
by the "Macedonian Early Music Band" of the "Živko Firfov" folkdance group
musical notation & dance instructions included

A1 Sandansko oro
A2 Baba Georgia
A3 Paedushka
A4 Tropnalo oro
A5 Doktore glavata me bolie
A6 Potrchulka
A7 Osogovsko
A8 Skudrinka

B1 Malashevska
B2 Maesko
B3 Kukunesh (Sitnoto)
B4 Yanino
B5 Sadila mome
B6 Paedushka
B7 Rada pere
B8 Klanyarka
B9 Kumanovsko

Macedonia, a country little heard of since Alexander the Great, is now becoming famous again by its unique folklore.

Side A & B features the exciting Macedonian bagpipe, solo & combination with Kaval (shepard's flute), Tamburas (long-necked lutes), Grneta (Clarinet), Tarabuka and Tapan (drums)... all original folk instruments.

This Band's exciting music surprised & delighted the people of Macedonia. They were much acclaimed at the Macedonian Ethnic Festival, towns & villages for their lively playing while reamining true to tradition, in August 1978.

The Band also played & danced in the "Živko Firfov" folkdance group all over England and Macedonia.

Before disbanding, due to emigration of vital musicians (2 forming, with 2 legendary Macedonians, the fantastic Orkestar Groupa "Pečhalbari") the Band recorded a fraction of their music on tape in November 1978, from which this wonderful & exhilarating LP record was made.

Notes by C. Gunstone

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