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Tiit Paulus - Tiit Paulus And Friends (Melodia 1980)

Tiit Paulus (born 1945) has played on several Estonian records - but this is the first LP he can call his very own. He has mastered the guitar himself, with no formal schooling. At the age of fifteen Tiit Paulus played in the Nomme House of Culture dance band, and four years later he introduced himself as a promising guitarist at the Talinn Jazz Festival. The talented jazz guitarist soon developed considerable skill in other genres, as well. Before long, Tiit Paulus became the most sought-after guitarist in Estonia; simultaneously he played in a number of bands. Having performed in various groups for ten years, he stayed on with the Variety Orchestra of the Estonian TV and Radio in 1974. It was there that he started his collaboration with the saxophone player Arvo Pilliroog. The original duo has reached a high level of mastery in the many-featured field of chamber jazz music. Their performances in Estonia as well as in Riga, Novosibirsk, Tbilisi etc., and their recent EP all confirm it.
The duo plays on the A side of the LP. Both musicians show unexceptionable compatibility, skillful technique, and wonderful talent for improvisation. Depending upon the musical character of the pieces, their improvisations vary from the lyrical compositions of Tiit Paulus to the Spanish-influenced melody of Joaquin Rodrigo and the typical bepop theme of great jazz musician Charlie Parker. Suprisingly enough, the pointedly rhytmic character of "Moose The Moche" asserts itself, although there are but two players and no permeating rhytmical background can be traced.

On the B side one gets a chance to listen to Tiit Paulus playing in three groups of different size. Uno Naisoo's "Pastoral" is a classical piece of Estonian jazz music, but Tiit Paulus, "Topi" and Tonu Naissoo's "Janne" are novelties. Besides Tiit Paulus and Arvo Pilliroog, we can hear the percussionist Peep Ojavere, the double bass player Toivo Unt, and the pianist Tonu Naissoo here. In one of the pieces there performs also the tenor saxophone player Lembit Saarsalu. All these musicians belong to the elite of the Estonian jazz music.

It is always interesting to listen to the solo performances of Tiit Paulus. German Lukyanov's "Empty Words" has been recorded by Tiit Paulus only. Thanks to the modern technology, the studio engineers have achieved the sound effect of a guitar band, although it is just Tiit Paulus himself who has recorded all the three parts.
text by Valter Ojakaar

Sunday (T. Paulus)
Aranjuez (J. Rodrigo)
Moose The Mooche (C. Parker)

Pastoral (U. Naissoo)
Topi (T. Paulus)
Empty Words (G. Lukyanov)
Janne (T. Naissoo)

Tiit Paulus, electric guitar (1-3, 5-7), acoustic guitar (4)
Arvo Pilliroog, saxophones (1, 2, 4, 5), clarinet (3)
Tonu Naissoo, electric piano (4, 5, 7)
Peep Ojavere, percussion instruments (4, 5, 7)
Toivo Unt, double bass (4, 5), bass guitar (7)
Lembit Saarsalu, tenor saxophone (5)

Sound recording E. Tomson
Editor E. Pillau
Designed by J. Arrak

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