Radio Marš 02.06.2013: Quiet Village, Ossian

1 Mudd - Speilplatz (Quiet Village Unreleased Instrumental Remix) (Pyramids of Mars 2012)
Mudd: Paul Murphy
Quiet Village: Joel Martin & Matthew Edwards
Sculptures by Brian Willsher (1930-2010)

Ossian - Księga Chmur (The Book of Clouds) (Polskie Nagrania Muza 1979)
2 Ossian - Księga Chmur - Rozdział I (Chapter I) (J. Ostaszewski)
3 Ossian - Księga Chmur - Rozdział II (Chapter II) (Z. Kaczmarski)
4 Ossian - Księga Chmur - Rozdział III (Chapter III) (J. Ostaszewski)
5 Ossian - Księga Chmur - Rozdział IV (Chapter IV) (T. Holuj)
6 Ossian - Księga Chmur - Rozdział V (Chapter) V (D. Kurtis)

Jacek Ostaszewski / flutes, kayakum, double-bass, percussions, vocals
Tomasz Hołuj / finger piano, xylophone, jugs from Olkusz, percussions, vocals
Zygmunt Kaczmarski / violin, percussions, vocals
Dimitrios "Milo" Kurtis / sitar, percusions, vocals
Radosław Nowakowski / bongos, percussions, vocals
The disc and radio recordings of the Ossian group have usually been of a documentary character. Our interference into the recorded material has been restricted to the choice of the right version or of a fragment of concert. In the case of this record however the situation was somewhat different.

"The variegated uniformity" is a combination of opposite elements which make up, in defiance of logic, a living and concise whole, a combination which constitutesa key to "The Book of Clouds". It was not so much an assumed idea of this record as rather a consequence of our experience of music and life. As for our life, it is an incessant travelling, instruments carried on shoulders, our ears filled with their subtle or sharp sounds, changeable like clouds, shouting, buzzing, striking and clattering - all of which give birth to a single, standing sound binding them into an indissoluble whole like the line of the horizon binds earth to the sky. And as for our music, it is a constant playing at a hue fair, where you can buy everything and lose everything too, where what is happening may be serious of trifling, where people come together after years of separion, where you spend your days in lonelliness or among your family, friends, acquaintances as well as strangers, where happiness alternates with sorrow and anger, and where everything is pursuing its course from dawn to dusk...
In order to obtain the possibly fullest musical picture of this proposotion we have invited to cooperate with us our friends and musicians.

Our thanks go therefore to:
-The Aura group
-Ania Preisner (vocalise in Chapter I)
-the vocal group Boom and Jacek Dobrowolski (vocal effects: shouts, hubbub, etc.)
-singers from the Grand Theatre in Warsar (tonus finalis in Chapters I, II and V)
-Piotr Rodowicz (arco double-bass)
-Lidia Matlacz (tampura)
We address our special thanks to Pawel Jarzebski for his double-bass playing, so much imbued with jazz feeling.
Mrs. Halina Jastrzebska-Marciszewska and Mr. Jerzy Berent put much effort and competence into the recording of our music. We owe them very much indeed.
We say also "thank you" to all those who have not been mentioned here but have contributed to the creation of this record.

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