Dance music for people who know...

... how to make love

After Dark is New York at 4am, with the lights off and the strobes flaring. It's a Dalston basement with slow chugging basslines propelling a dancefloor. It's a starlit night on the coast of Croatia with glittery girls and burnished boys grooving to 110bpm anthems.

So what is our After Dark, exactly? It's great dance music with the Bosh-O-Meter turned to 0. If you want a drop, break or explosion every 16 bars, then Swedish House Mafia is that way. This is music for dancers who know to move. It's slow release carbs, with a startlingly high pleasure count. Groove is in the art.

We're on a dedicated mission to unearth the unreleased, the impossible-to-find and the darn-right-funkiest music this side of the Dardanelles. Take this little gem in your palm right now. We've got previously unreleased mixes of the Doves and Twin Sister, a pair of new tunes by Tad Wily and Beans & Company, plus the rare-as-hen's-teeth mega disco tune 'Love The Way You Love Me' by Marti Caine. Stick that in your CD player and smoke it.

There are some other killers, too: A super funky Philip Zdar mix of 'Machistador' by --M--, while I:Cube delivers a terrific reworking of Karma's 'Beach Towel'. We end the session with Asha Puthli's dramatic 'Space Talk'. It's the end of this journey, but not the night. This is where we live. This is our life. After Dark.

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