Vinilija @ Radio Marš: Tone Janša I


A1 YUDACH (Tone Janša)
A2 SKOZI OBLAKE ( Over clouds) (Tone Janša)
B1 RIMSKA CESTA (Milky way) (Tone Janša)
B2 VITTA QUELLE (Tone Janša)

TONE JANŠA - ts, ss, fl -, got seriously engaged in jazz in 1969, when he started to study it at the Institute of Jazz in Graz (Austria). In the years 1971, 1972, and 1973, he played with Dieter Glawischnig in several clubs in W. Germany, Austria, Poland. Later he began to work with his own quartet, played in clubs and recorded in Ljubljana and for NDR (Radio Station) in Hamburg.
In 1974, he was recording with his quartet for RTV Ljubljana, made after that a tour to Poland, where he took part in "Jazz nad Odra" festival. After finishing his studies in Graz - where he graduated in classical music and jazz - and on Berklee College in Boston, he joined as professional the Big Band of RTV Ljubljana and at the same time continued to work with the quartet. In 1974, he played at jazz festival in Graz with the international big band, the leader of which was Slide Hampton; other members were Albert Mangelsdorff, Art Farmer, Rudi Josel etc. In 1975, he appeared with the quartet at the jazz festival in Ljubljana, in the autumn of the same year he visited Hungary - Debrecen and Nagykanisza. During this time he was also working with his Yugoslav quintet, which played at Pori jazz festival 1975. In 1976, he took part again at the jazz festival in Ljubljana and played also in Gustav Brom's big band together with Simeon Chterev at jazz festival in Prague.

Tone Janša is a musician of modern direction and is no doubt one of the most promising jazz musicians of Yugoslavia. One could well believe this after having heard his music. Janša introduced fresh, and dynamic music, which is modally and rhythmically very interesting. He plays his own tunes. His work contains intensification of rhythm, which is characteristic feature of his music. His progress is rapid and there is not enough space to speak about it in detail. However, the essence of his music is hidden elsewhere - in about it in detail. However, the essence of his music is hidden elsewhere - in the exceptional inventiveness and extraordinary energy, that originates in the manner he plays, thus revealing his artistic definition. His playing reaches other members of the group, thus achieving rich improvisation, which reflects both their common life style as well as the feeling of individual group members.

The quartet plays contemporary music with free improvisation, in fact it is concentrated and each new born idea flows from one to the other enriching itself and acquiring lines. Iridescent themes become lyrical variations performed with great inventiveness where every member of the group is will acquainted with his part.

ANDRE JEANQUARTIER - P -, from Neuchatell in Switzerland, finished studies of classical composition in Graz. He played in clubs in W. Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Austria, Poland, Yugoslavia and worked with various jazz groups and musicians. He was a member of international group "Nikodemus" which won the first prize at the jazz festival in San Sebastian - Spain in 1972.

EWALD OBERLEITNER - b -, is the Austrian from Graz, who has played in Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Yugoslavia until in 1960, he got engaged in free-jazz with Dieter Glawischnig, 1967-1971 with Eye Thelin, group, Albert Mangelsdorff, Slide Hampton and many others. He teaches at the Institute of Jazz in Graz.

JOHN PREININGER - d -, otherwise doctor of philology, teaches at the Institute of Jazz in Graz. He played in 1967-1972 with Eye Thelin and others, with Albert Mangelsdorff, Dieter Glawischnig, Dudek, Joachim Kuhn etc. in W. Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Yugoslavia. He joined the quartet in 1974.



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